Cancellation Policy at Michelle Barratt Psychology

PLEASE NOTE:   That as we are not open on Saturday and Sundays, therefore  these days are not considered part of the 24/48 hour timeline.  In light of this, we ask that you please keep this in mind (regarding the Cancellation Policies mentioned below) when booking your appointment.  For example, if you have an appointment on Monday you will need to call/email us between Monday to Fridays the week prior to cancelling and or reschedule your appointment).

1: WITHIN 48 HOUR CANCELLATION OF APPOINTMENTS:  If you, as a client, phone to cancel a single appointment FOR ANY REASON within 48 hours of your appointment, a 50% Cancellation Fee is incurred.

2: WITHIN 24 HOUR CANCELLATION OF APPOINTMENTS:  If you, as a client, phone to cancel a ‘one hour appointment’  within 24 hours FOR ANY REASON, a 100% Cancellation Fee is incurred.  

3:  CANNOT ATTEND FACE TO FACE FOR AN APPOINTMENT:   If you cannot attend your appointment ‘face to face for any reason’ but can be available for a Telephone or Video Consult in order to not incur a Cancellation Fee, then please contact the Practice in good time so that your Psychologist can send you the appropriate link.  We understand that in emergencies this might need to be known shortly before the appointment, however we would prefer all appointments requiring a link to be sent for contact to be provided at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


  • That all non-Face-to-Face appointments will be required to be paid 24 hours in advance and if just prior for an emergency reason, then before the Consult begins. Please ensure that you understand that the Practice and your Practitioners place the responsibility on you to contact our Practice as soon as conveniently possible to organise this payment for your appointment. 
  • Payments not received for non-Face-to-Face appointments prior to the appointment cannot proceed until payment is received. All non-Face-to-Face appointments not attended to, will be classed as a DNA.
  • Cancellations of non-Face-to-Face appointments will be under the same Cancellation Policy as all Face to Face Appointments.

4.  DO NOT ARRIVE (DNA) FOR AN APPOINTMENT (Face to Face or Non-Face to Face): If you do not arrive for your appointment, and we do not hear from you regarding your non-attendance  to your appointment with your Practitioner, then this appointment will be classified as a  ‘Did Not Arrive’  (DNA), and you will be charged a 100% cost of the session.

5.  MORE THAN ONE HOUR BOOKED APPOINTMENTS CANCELLED: If more than one appointment is booked consecutively for you, for example a two hour appointment, then any cancellations made within 24 hours, incur a cancellation fee of:    2 Appointments x 100% Cost of the Fee.

6.  ANOTHER PERSON/PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTLING YOUR ACCOUNT:   If your fees are covered/settled by any other person/party other than you, and you cancel your appointment and or do not arrive to your appointment (DNA); and there is conflict in settling your account we will hold you responsible for settling this account.

We sincerely encourage you to be mindful that, a cancelled appointment or any late cancelled appointment affects not only you but three other people (four people in total):

  1. You as our Client, as your treatment progress is delayed.
  2. Your Practitioner who has spent time preparing for your session.
  3. Our Administrators who will have to implement many administrative procedures in line with cancelling/rescheduling and calling other clients to fulfil your appointment if required and following up on your cancellation fees etc, as well as documenting all operations carried out.
  4. Another client that is urgently waiting for an available appointment with your psychologist and upon late notice will need to re-arrange their diary in order to try to make the appointment you cannot make, or worst case scenario if you cancel too late, then the risk of not being able to attend.


  1. Any Cancellations made between 24-48 hours or DNA’s  will implement cancellation fees that will be due immediately (i.e.. and therefore, your credit card/debit will be charged/processed at the time of your cancellation or DNA).
  2. When recovering Cancellation or DNA fees, we kindly ask that you work with us in this regard, as it will help, not only on how we can support you moving forward regarding your ongoing Treatment, but also to enable this difficult process to be dealt with as smoothly and as effectively as possible; for you as our valued client, for your Psychologist, for our Administrators and then of course for any clients who are urgently waiting for an appointment with your psychologist.
  3. If your selected Credit/Debit Card or Bank Deposit funds are not received, or fail to be processed at the time of your non-attendance, you will have 3 full business days after the date of your appointment to deposit these funds (till 5pm of that due date)
  4. If we do not receive these funds 3 full business days after your appointment (by 5pm of the 3rd business date) then unfortunately, we will need to cancel all further appointments booked with us, and you will need to contact us again to make further appointments. Therefore, please make every endeavour to contact us as soon as possible to organise payment and rescheduling if necessary.
  5. If two appointments are cancelled/or are DNA in succession, this will trigger your next appointment booked with us to be paid 48 hours (2 full business days before) before your next scheduled/booked appointment.
  6. Please be aware that if you cancel an appointment from 48 hours to up to your appointment, or are a DNA appointment, that by signing the Client Intake Form, you’re giving us permission to process  your nominated credit/debit card or send you an invoice immediately if for some reason your Credit Card is not successfully processed.
  7. If there are issues regarding your Cancelled or DNA appointment that need to be discussed regarding what happened, then this is to be discussed with your Psychologist and not with any of our Administrators, as your Psychologist knows you best and might need to include what’s happened into your Treatment Plan to support your ongoing treatment moving forward.

Please be advised that our Practice has a ‘No Tolerance for Abuse Policy’ and any abuse or disorderly disruption to our Practice services will initiate cancellation of all your appointments with us immediately.