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At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we are committed to providing high-quality Christian Counselling in Brisbane. Our approach is designed to offer support and treatment that helps individuals feel heard and understood and integrates their faith into the therapeutic process. We understand the significant impact one’s faith can have on one’s life journey, and we strive to incorporate discussions about your walk with God and Jesus Christ into your psychological treatment plan. Our Christian psychology services cater to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families seeking Christian therapy to address their concerns and promote their long-term well-being.

As a Brisbane Clinical Christian psychologist, Michelle Barratt brings a unique dimension to her therapy sessions. With her professional expertise in psychology and a deep understanding of the Christian faith, Michelle offers a therapeutic environment that fosters a deeper connection with clients. She believes that acknowledging and understanding a person’s spiritual beliefs can significantly assist in navigating distress, pain, and confusion. Her practice is built on a foundation of confidentiality, trust, empathy, and validation, allowing clients the best opportunity to explore and understand the underlying factors of their issues and set clear, achievable goals.

The psychological journey with Michelle Barratt Psychology is tailored to each client’s pace, with treatment plans incorporating personal goals and milestones. Our aim is not to rush through the process but to facilitate a journey of discovery supported by evidence-based interventions. Research has shown that psychology sessions can provide substantial support and relief, with long-lasting positive effects on individuals’ lives.

If you need Christian Marriage Counselling/ couples Therapy in Brisbane or Toowong or are seeking a Christian Psychologist in Brisbane, feel free to contact us at Michelle Barratt Psychology. We are here to walk beside you on your journey to healing and growth.

Christian Therapy Brisbane

At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we believe in the power of Christian Therapy to support individuals on their spiritual journeys. Our Brisbane Clinical Psychology practice offers professional expertise and experience in psychology, focusing on integrating clients’ spiritual beliefs into their therapy sessions.

As a Christian psychologist, Michelle Barratt is committed to walking alongside her clients on their “spiritual psychological journey” with God. She understands that acknowledging and exploring a person’s spiritual views can be incredibly beneficial in a therapeutic setting. Clients often find comfort and strength in knowing their faith and relationship with God are deeply understood and respected. When counselling incorporates a spiritual context, it can provide a more comprehensive and meaningful experience, especially for those who seek God’s guidance in navigating life’s challenges.

Our Christian Family/Individual/Parent Psychological Therapy services are designed to address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Assisting parents in understanding and connecting with their adolescents, helping them gain insight and skills to navigate the complexities of teenage life.
  • Enhancing family communication, fostering respect and mindfulness, and promoting appropriate behaviour.
  • Providing support for families undergoing separation and divorce and adjusting to these significant life changes.
  • Supporting single-parent, step, or blended families in managing their unique dynamics.
  • Helping individuals cope with trauma, which can be any overwhelming and unexpected event that leaves a person feeling vulnerable and insecure. Trauma can arise from various situations, such as the sudden loss of a loved one, witnessing an accident, experiencing a traumatic birth, surviving an assault or robbery, or enduring domestic violence.We understand that trauma can have long-lasting effects and may lead to symptoms of PTSD, including flashbacks, panic attacks, and avoidance behaviours. Our team is dedicated to providing expert assistance to help individuals process and heal from their traumatic experiences.

If you seek Christian Couples Therapy in Brisbane or Toowong, Christian Marriage Counselling, or a Christian Psychologist in Brisbane, Michelle Barratt Psychology is here to support you with compassion and understanding.

Author: Michelle Barratt

Christian Parenting

Parenting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in life. Many parents find raising teenagers particularly daunting in today’s world, which often diverges from Christian principles and values. At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we offer Christian Parenting support as part of our Christian Counselling services in Brisbane.

Many parents come to us feeling worn out, exhausted, and frustrated, unsure of what steps to take next. The confusion and range of emotions experienced by parents, including helplessness, anger, and isolation, can be overwhelming. Despite their love for their children, parents often struggle with negative behaviours and wonder about the root causes.

Being a parent and fulfilling all the associated responsibilities is a demanding role. Parents frequently express feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of raising children in a world that seems increasingly distant from Christian norms. Frustration, guilt, and inadequacy are common as parents grapple with managing their children’s behaviour and worry about maintaining healthy, long-term relationships.

In our clinical intake process, we often uncover deep-seated issues that haven’t been adequately addressed or communicated between parents and children. Family problems can manifest in various ways, including high levels of conflict, verbal or emotional abuse, tantrums, stonewalling, lack of responsiveness to discipline, and failure to complete tasks.

The Bible provides wisdom and guidance on raising children according to God’s will. It instructs us to teach our children His commandments, model matured Christian behaviour, love and provide for them, educate the young, and discipline them fairly (Deut. 6:5-9; Prov 22:6).

Due to life’s challenges, parenting can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Christian counselling for parenting can help families regain balance and address any issues affecting both parents and children. Our approach offers a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive space for parents to explore their parenting styles, recognise their strengths, and gain new insights. This collaborative process empowers parents to guide their children’s spiritual journeys with clarity and purpose.

If you seek Christian Parenting Counselling in Brisbane to help guide you and your children and help lean of the word of God, Michelle Barratt Psychology will support you and your family on your journey.

Author: Michelle Barratt

Christian Couples Therapy

Marriage can be a complex journey, with various aspects of family life often contributing to stress. Raising children, managing finances, and navigating relationships with in-laws are just a few challenges that couples may face. However, there is a blueprint for a successful Christian marriage.

A joyful Christian marriage involves more than just the couple; Jesus is the essential third party. Understanding how your faith influences your perception of your spouse and family is crucial, as it also shapes your overall outlook on life. Unhealthy beliefs can have a detrimental impact on relationships.

Seeking the guidance of a psychologist can be incredibly beneficial for couples looking to enhance their marriage or facing seemingly impossible conflicts. A psychologist can help identify and address unhealthy core beliefs affecting your relationship. At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we are passionate about integrating Christian beliefs into therapeutic interventions and offering Christian Couples Therapy in Brisbane and Toowong.

If you need Christian Marriage Counselling or are looking for a Christian Psychologist in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will support you and your partner in strengthening your marriage through faith-based therapy.

Author: Joey Tai


At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we offer Christian Child and Adolescent Therapy, a specialised approach that integrates Christian principles and beliefs into the therapeutic process. This therapy addresses children and adolescents’ unique needs and developmental stages, helping them navigate various life challenges with a spiritual perspective.

Our licensed professional therapists create a safe and nurturing environment where young individuals can explore and understand their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Recognising the importance of a solid therapeutic relationship, we provide open communication and self-discovery space when appropriate. With consent, spiritual practices such as prayer and Bible study may be incorporated into the sessions.

The primary goal of Christian Child and Adolescent Therapy is to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of a child’s life, including their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. This approach is beneficial for those dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, and relationship challenges. By addressing the spiritual needs of children and adolescents, we aim to foster their faith and hope in God as they face life’s difficulties. As Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) advises, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” This verse underscores the importance of instilling values and guiding children along a path that aligns with Christian principles from a young age, laying a foundation for a steadfast faith that endures into adulthood.

As a Brisbane-based Christian psychologist, Michelle Barratt brings a unique approach to therapy by blending her professional expertise with her Christian beliefs. While serving clients of all backgrounds, Michelle believes that her faith adds depth to her therapy sessions, creating a deeper connection with her clients as she supports them on their journey toward healing and growth. Understanding the spiritual beliefs of her clients is a crucial aspect of her therapeutic approach, especially when addressing distress, pain, and confusion.

Michelle’s priority is establishing a therapeutic environment characterised by confidentiality, trust, empathy, and validation. This foundation allows clients to delve deeper into their presenting issues, leading to a clearer understanding of the obstacles in their lives and setting achievable goals for the future.

As a Christian psychologist in Brisbane, Michelle Barratt is dedicated to offering psychological sessions that integrate her professional skills and Christian beliefs, helping clients find healing, hope, and purpose in their lives. If you seek Christian Counselling in Brisbane, Christian Couples Therapy in Brisbane or Toowong, or Christian Marriage Counselling, Michelle Barratt Psychology is here to support you and your family.

Author: Joey Tai

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