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Michelle Barratt Psychology is a Toowong and Redland Bay / Wynnum – Manly Clinical Psychology Practice, and aims to provide treatment for Intense Pornography habits in Brisbane at the highest standard. The practice values implementing support and treatment that not only endeavours to support their clients feel safe, heard and understood, but also strives to offer effective treatment that will empower clients to learn new skills to support them in the future. If you are unsure about what you are dealing with, please don’t hesitate to contact us to support you through the next step of either working out what to do or how to proceed with an appointment.


Pornography is rampant in the world that we live in today. There are numerous statistics which quantify the continued rise of people accessing pornography; these statistics need to be constantly updated given the rate of which it is increasing.

Pornography is a form of addiction and can be conceptualised similarly to other forms of addiction, such as substances (drugs/alcohol) or gambling. The effects are similar, if not more destructive – broken relationships, increase in verbal or physical aggression, decreased productivity and negative impacts of mood and functioning, just to name a few.

An addiction to pornography might be an indicator of poor mental health. What makes it worse is that people often feel ashamed, guilty and disappointed with themselves after viewing pornography and this only exacerbates the poor mental state the person has. Clients frequently describe it as a negative cycle which they cannot control.

In order to deal with this addiction, one needs to identify the root causes that underpin the need to access pornography. The underlying causes are often seemingly unrelated and surprising, however once discovered allows an individual to commence working on resolving those causes. In conjunction with coping strategies, clients can achieve greater freedom in this area of their lives.

Christians, perhaps even more so than other non-Christians, struggle with this addiction and Joey is keen to explore how wrong theological and intrapersonal beliefs might be related to the formation of this addiction, as well as resolve these issues.

To anyone who is struggling with this addiction and wishes to take a step forward, I congratulate you on your bravery and look forward to working through these issues with you. There is no shame or judgement involved, simply a focus on understanding you and where you come from, as well as a focus on breaking free once and for all.

Author: Joey Tai

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