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Welcome to our latest news page on our website. If it’s the first time you’re here, my name is Michelle Barratt and I am the Clinical Director and owner of Michelle Barratt Psychology. I work in the practice full-time as a Clinical Psychologist along with a range of highly talented psychologists and one counsellor. Michelle Barratt Psychology has been in Practice for the last 10 years. Throughout this time, our main focus has been to grow a Practice that prioritizes professional engagement and support with clients that is continually mindful of their immediate and long-term needs. We seek to work collaboratively with clients to generate a Treatment Plan that maintains connection and effectiveness to the end of their journey with us.

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Jodi Ord joins the Michelle Barratt Psychology Team!

Jodi Min

Jodi Ord is a registered psychologist who has worked in both private and community mental
health services, serving culturally and demographically diverse individuals throughout their
lives (children, adolescents, families and adults). Depending on the client's style and needs,
she uses an integrative approach that includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical
Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy,
and Motivational Interviewing therapy.

Yunwei Chai Masters degree in Counselling


Yun Wei Chai is a Registered Counsellor and Play Therapist who has joined us at our Wynnum Practice. She comes to us with a wealth of experience in counselling for children, youths, and adults, and has received accredited post-graduate degrees in both Counselling and Expressive Play Therapy.

Yun Wei has worked in a number of government funded and non-profit mental health services in the past ten years,  such as at Kids Helpline, Family Mental Health Support Services, and domestic violence support centres, with knowledge and experience in supporting clients through:

Michelle Barratt Psychology is Advertising and Recruiting for a new Psychologist Role

About the Role:  Contractor Role or Salaried Role

Providing psychological therapy to clients with a wide range of needs that are within your ethical capacity. Offering assessments for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families depending on your area of expertise. 

Michelle Barratt Psychology is open to discussing the number of days you would be interested in working and dedicated to Building our Team and are recruiting presently for Psychologists, please review the Careers Page

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Author: Michelle Barratt Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Director of Michelle Barratt Psychology, a Brisbane and Redland Bay based Clinical Psychology Practice – Promoting the Therapeutic Care and Therapy for Adolescents and Teenagers.