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Michelle Barratt Psychology is a station sponsor for 96.5FM. Whether you listen to the radio in the car, your kitchen or live streaming on your computer we offer tips and advice on how to help manage your mental health during this difficult time.

To make an appointment for professional advice with Christian values you can contact us via phone or email.​

As heard on 96.5FM Family Radio.

​”Struggling with managing your thoughts and feelings at the moment? Here’s some practical advice to help you through this time, from station sponsor Michelle Barratt Psychology.”

  • Firstly, never be afraid to reach out for help.
  • Stay connected with positive family and friends.
  • Focused on what you’re doing well… even if it’s small tasks.
  • Keep track of your experience by writing in a journal.
  • Avoid constantly watching the news… Perhaps watch something positive, educational or inspirational.
  • Setting a basic daily routine is a positive way to start the day. For example: get up, showered, dressed and make your bed… it will start you on a good path for the day.
  • Try to include some regular exercise.
  • Carve out some time each day to perhaps learn something new, or develop a new skill to give this time more meaning and purpose.

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