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Directions: Michelle Barratt Psychology is within walking distance from the the Toowong Village Shopping Centre.   The Toowong Shopping Village has 2 hours free parking.  If you then walk to where the train station comes into the Toowong Shopping Village on Level 1, you will see that right close to this is a Pedestrian Bridge that takes you over Benson Street to Benson House which is on the left of the bridge. Enter Benson House from Benson Street and go up to Level 1.  Turn right and you will see Suite 37.



Directions: 35 Wondall Road, is on the left side of the street going East with a large ‘BLACK’ 35 next to the entrance gate to the house.  You can park in front of the house or opposite the street or down the side road.

Note: Please put aside at least 10 to 15 minutes of time to find a car park before your appointment.

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If in Crisis please call 000

Your Privacy and Confidentiality

Michelle Barratt Psychology manages your Privacy and Confidentiality extremely seriously and adheres to the strict Allied Health Privacy ACT of 1988 and will not use any of your personal information for advertisement.

-In Case of an Emergency-

If you have an emergency at any time, please contact 000 immediately -Please click the Crisis Support Button below for further Support:

Appointment Costs

  • The appointment cost table is extensive and quite complicated. This is because there are varying appointment costs for the different types of client categories, such as for: CHILDREN, INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES & FAMILIES.

  • Additionally there are clients who will fall under the different fee paying structures such as:

  • Full Fee Paying Clients, Concession Clients and Bulk Billing Clients.

  • Therefore please bear in mind that the fee type, client payment structure, as well the length of time your appointment takes will all affect the cost of your appointemnt. Thus, your fees are are better discussed with either Michelle Barratt or her administrator at the time of your booking to discuss and clarify your unique circumstances and needs for the appointment.