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Seeing a sex therapist may sound and initially feel like a very confronting exercise. However couples and individuals expressing concerns and worries, and experiencing sexual issues is not as uncommon as you may think. In fact, many people seek sex therapy or concurrently, couple counselling, and do so for a wide variety of reasons. So, we would like you to know that sourcing and or accessing sex therapy is not actually an uncommon or odd thing to do. In fact it could actually enhance and improve your relationship dramatically.

Why Can Sex Therapy Support Your Relationship

Being able to express yourself intimately to your partner plays a very important role in your ability to communicate your love language to one another. Having a healthy and positive sexual relationship has been shown through research to increase your level of relationship satisfaction because it provides an avenue for you to feel connected and valued. Your sexual relationship is not the only part of your love language for and to one another, but does play a critical role in being able to express to one another what words cannot say.

How Can A Sex Therapist Support You?

A sex therapist will approach any topic you share with them sensitively and confidentially. Each issue will be approached with understanding, respect and empathy; thus providing an environment that is safe and completely non-judgemental. A sex therapist will be able to listen and support you on your journey to developing a much deeper insight to the issues or concerns you are experiencing with yourself and your partner.

A sex therapist fully understands that your sexuality plays a central role in the formulation of your identity of yourself and is fundamental in nurturing and maintaining an emotional connection with your partner. Furthermore, the relationship and dynamics set up with your sexuality will have a large impact on the level of ‘relationship’ happiness and consequently your ‘global’ wellbeing. All these issues will be discussed when you attend sex therapy. The pace at which you go will also develop at the pace you want to travel.

Author: Michelle Barratt

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